October 02, 2006



Welcome to the cyber-world, my love! I don't know what you've opened yourself up to here, but enjoy it. :)

As for the content, I had to learn to love baseball (and hockey, and basketball, and golf, etc.) or be a sports widow! ;) No, seriously, I really do now love watching the game. It just took the right indoctrination.


Oh! I almost forgot --

Tracy Luchtenberg

Glad to see you are blogging. I've always enjoyed Denise's writings, ever since we worked together at Blue Ocean, so I look forward to yours. Admittedly, I am specifically not a pro baseball fan. I do enjoy little league all the way through college baseball, though. Pros have ruined it with their greed, their drugs, the owners, the Yankees and their out of shape big butts. My sports love is college football, but I can get caught up in my neighbor's little boy's soccer team with the same enthusiam as OSU football. People rally together for teams, whether it's the two of you, or a whole stadium. It's a great thing in such a crazy world. Now, what I truly don't understand is why people don't like animals. To me, if a person doesn't, something is terribly wrong with they could be a suppressed ax murderer or something.


Yep, you're a wit. Now I'm ashamed to admit I never liked baseball.LOL. I'll try harder.

Julie Carter

Oh, I love baseball. I go into a deep funk when the regular season is over, though. The playoffs just aren't the same. Oh, and though I'm a Tribe fan, go Tigers! (I hope I didn't just curse them.)



Just saying "hi" and "welcome"

GM (blog friend of your spousal unit, and Cardinals fan by birth, and Yankees fan by choice)


They wear too many clothes.

I like soccer or swimming, or gymnastics, where you can see the muscles move.


Welcome to blogging!


Welcome to the blogosphere!


Woohoo!! Tigers win in 4 over the vaunted Yankees!!!



My bad for taking so long to get over here and say, "Howdy!" And I DO like baseball, and I'll root for the Tigers - just for you and Denise - since the Astros aren't in it this year.


People don't like baseball because it is slow and boring. Football is a great sport. The build up between each play, huge hits, watching athletic plays. Same with hockey.

Baseball is only popular because its easy for everyone to play. Even so, its in decline as the USA's national sport. No one wants to wait 3 hours for some fat ass pitcher to throw a 100 balls only to see a few hit. Boring.

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