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A "non-traditional" Dec. 2006 grad from the University of Michigan; also a transsexual, lesbian activist.


Excerpt from my law school application, "Personal Statement":

"From high school drop-out to an MBA, from a war-time veteran to a confirmed pacifist, from bankrupt to a millionaire, from a child to a parent, from a committed married person (22 years) to twice divorced, and from a man to a woman - I am, or have been, all of these. I am a 48-year-old transsexual woman with a history and life experience that transcends labeling."

To continue reading the rest of my "Personal Statement" click on the above "website" link or Download Personal Stmt-Michigan.pdf (14.3K) .This will give you a pretty thorough look into my life up to the point of beginning law school. After that, you'll just have to read my blog entries. Lucky you.

I was recently (Dec '05) married (in Canada) to an incredible woman I refer to on my blog as "The Girl".

I graduated from the University of Michigan Law School on 12/21/2006. Next obstacle: the "quiz", otherwise known as the bar exam, Feb 27/28.


travel, movies, chess, my 3 children, tennis (playing and watching), and an eclectic array of other stuff, detroit sports teams (thanks in large measure to the influence of the girl), lgbt activism