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Mar 07, 2005


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» Happy Birthday, Denise! from ambivalent imbroglio
Denise of Life, Law, Gender turns 50 today and all she wants for her birthday is a comment from you. [Read More]

» Birthday Podcast With Denise from ambivalent imbroglio
Technotes: This podcast was recorded by phone via Slapcast.com—just call an 800-number, record a message, and publish the mp3 to the web!... To subscribe to Ambivalent Voices in a podcast aggregator, add this link to your aggregator’s subs... [Read More]

» Riding the Podcast Wave from stag
Denise did the podcast thing yesterday- it's here. Again, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, voices are really hard to predict. I found this out yesterday when someone asked me to predict their voice, and I gave it a shot. [Read More]